My first entry into the world of blogging

Posted on 01 August 2013

I have no idea if anyone will be really interested in anything I have to say...
I talk a lot of crap sometimes, but here you will find:

-useful health, fitness and general wellness tips
-insights into the world of eating as a Coeliac with a FODMAPS intolerance and downright aversion for anything labelled 'diet', 'light' or 'low fat'
-recipe sharing (mostly focussing on the above limitations!)
-my often random views on life and people watching
-fashion tips (although, my snow boots and trackies are not substantiating my fashion 'nouse as I write this)
-skin care tips (that I wish I followed more diligently when I was younger)
-possibly more than enough posts about my grandchildren’s varying levels of cuteness
-even more useless posts about the level of ‘adorableness’ of my dog
-too many mentions of my love of latte’s
-loads of information, insights and articles that you can actually learn from and use day to day

I hope you enjoy entering my world. I hope you learn from my expertise. I hope I can make a difference to you and those you love.

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