Posted on 17 July 2013


I remember my first Bounty. 

After seeing the add with a bikini clad girl in hammock swinging in a tropical paradise, I had to have one. I've always loved anything coconut!

I couldn't wait for the weekend. Our grandfather would take us every Sunday morning for a little ice cream and lolly shopping spree at the corner store down the road. Super fond memories, but looking back, I'm not sure how Mum coped with 3 sugar high kids for the rest of the day. Trust me, nothing was leftover for the rest of the week, everything was consumed before lunch, the ice blocks barely made it home most days!

I remember this Sunday ritual going on for years, many years, I was in High School before they stopped. It wasn't until I was an adult and (Nan and) Pop had passed away that Mum told us how these wonderous sugar filled excursions started, luckily my sister and I were well aware, with no uncertainty of our place in our grandparents family...... Our older brother was all our grandparents needed, one grandchild, one heir, one male, the only son of an only son. I'm pretty sure that my sister and I were just an inconvenience to them (although Pop did want to buy ME a pony and Mum said no - so there must have been a little bit of love left over - small win!)........

These wonderous trips that took us up the hill, turn right, down the hill turn left, turn another left on the corner to sugar heaven started for my brother, the chosen one, the male, the heir. I apparently started to question why my little sister and I didn't get treats from Pop like our brother did. Mum, being the ballsy woman she was (is), fronted my grandfather and told him that these trips were to stop unless 'the girls' were included. GO MUM YOU GOOD THING! And in all fairness, GO POP for worshipping my brother enough to drag the inconvenient females along! Yep, I can live with that. My memories are intack, my memories are still awesome - I still smile when I remember what I now refer to as "Sugar Sunday". (I love you Pop) xxx

I digress - back to the deliciousness of the Bounty Bar.

It cost a little more, but he was willing to purchase me one, (some leftover love must have been floating around that day), anyway, it was everything I expected! OMG! Juicy sweet coco-nutty filling, slightly oily chocolate coating, two little bars parading in a package as one - what could be better! I do remember Pop sharing a liking for them too, we also shared a love of dark bitter chocolate and licorice.......and Wiley Cyotee, I mean, how dumb was he!  

These days, the good old Bounty Bar doesn't fit with my eating ethos and dietary restrictions (neither does the massive Sunday sugar hit for that matter!) so you can imagine me jumping into the pantry to gather ingredients when I found the original version of these babies (Choc Mint Coconut Balls) on 

I've modified the recipe to suit my taste, and to revamp my beloved Bounty Bar - therefore christening these little beauties BOUNTY BALLS.

My version is here. 

Each bite might not take you back to that ad, or to the bench seat in my grandfathers Belmont Ute driving down the road to our little corner store, but I am confident that you will enjoy their flavour as much as I do!

X Sharon



2 Cups Coconut – shredded, or chipped, just make sure it’s pure coconut, nothing else!

3 Tbsp Coconut Oil – I love the Loving Earth one (butter), it’s smooth and creamy

2 Tbsp Rice malt syrup

3 Tbsp Coconut water – I only use Raw C

To taste Vanilla essence or powder


¼ Cup Cocoa / Cacao Butter

¼ Cup Coconut Oil

¼ Cup Rice malt syrup

¼ Cup Raw Cacao powder – I use Power Superfoods Cacao Gold, it mixes easily

To taste Vanilla essence or powder



1. Put all of the first ingredients into a blender until finely chopped and blended

2. Make 10 balls with the mixture, put onto a plate and pop in the freezer to set

3. Put all of the second group of ingredients into the blender (except for the Raw Cacao powder) and blend until smooth and quite liquid

4. Add the Raw Cacao powder and blend in

5. Pour over the balls and set in the fridge



I scrape the excess chocolate off the plate and put into a container to use as garnish for desserts and drinks (or to snack on after all of the Bounty Balls have gone!)

When taking the balls off the plate, use a metal knife and be prepared for them to crack – hey, as with most home made snacks, they won’t win a prize for presentation but most certainly will get a trophy for taste and healthiness!


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